WT Partnership’s Italian operation was formed in 1980 by combining the professional expertise and resources of the international WT Partnership Group with the local proficiency of Gestioni Arcotecnica srl.

Whilst Milan remains as the head quarters for services provided around Italy; the success and demand in the south of Rome warranted the opening of the Rome office in 2001.

In a complex market during the earlier years in Italy, WT Partnership’s main demand was the provision of Technical Due Diligence reports for various International funds. In the more recent years as development in Italy has become more attractive to the International developer, the role of the Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager have become more and more requested.

The close relationship between the European head office and the Italian office allows a greater flexibility for resourcing and allows the provision of qualified Quantity Surveyors on our Italian projects as necessary. WT Partnership is also very proud to have bi-lingual staff available in both the Italian and the European head office.